Spray Painting Services

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    Spray Painting Services

    WA Haulage offer an inhouse full spray painting service and can perform all spray jobs on new and existing equipment to keep your truck or trailer looking as good as new.

    Our expert spray painting services will leave your vehicle as good as new!

    Outstanding Spray Painting Technology

    We only use the best quality paints and technology to provide you with a sleek finish on your truck or trailer. Our spray painting tools and equipment are high-tech and top quality to ensure your complete satisfaction.

    • Insurance repairs
    • Heavy Vehicle refurbishments
    • Custom Work’s

    Expert Services

    HA Haulage Repairs have skilled painters who are trained and experienced in spray painting commercial vehicles. They can reproduce the finish and color of the vehicle to the highest quality and ensure that it suits your branding and color requirements.

    We make sure to use the best quality colors for your trucks and provide you with the right matching color scheme for a perfect finish. 


    WA HAULage repairs - quality, expertise, and efficiency guaranteed!


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