Austlift Tail Lifts, Cranes and Docking Equipment

WA Haulage are sole Western Australian distributors for the full range of Austlift equipment. Austlift products are Australian designed and meet Australian Specification Standard AS1418.

Cantilever Tail Lift – 600kg and 1200kg

  • Spring assisted folding platform
  • Mechanical travel lock
  • Automatic levelling system
  • Hydraulic anti burst valve
Austlift Tail Lifts
AL Micro Crane

Dock Leveller

  • 16mm Lip grade GR-250 material with laminated backing plate
  • Displacement cylinders used in both lift and piston rods
  • Standard power pack and control unit included
  • Sand blasted and 2 pack paint make it suitable for wet
  • working conditions
  • Two-layer toe guards on each side, and also a manual pump option on request
  • Dual safety props for maintenance, also with overload protection
AL Micro Crane

AL Micro Crane 1.3T & 2.3T CEE 3 Ext. 12V

  • Compact design maximising floor space
  • Easy to install
  • Low unit height
  • Adjustable lifting height and reach
  • Double line lifting operation included
  • Safe control position
AL Micro Crane
Micro Crane

Micro Crane

  • Compact design maximising floor space
  • Easy to install, fully demountable
  • Low unit height
  • Adjustable lifting height and reach
  • Double line lifting operation included
  • 360 degree rotation with manual brake
Minigate Tail Lift

Minigate Tail Lift

  • Excellent off-road ground clearance
  • Specifically designed to suit pickup and dropside vehicles
  • No under-slung columns, ropes or chains
  • Fixed tow bars can be fitted
  • Light weight, maximising load capacity
Single Arm Lift 250kg

Single Arm Lift 250kg

  • Side or rear door application
  • Hydraulically powered for a smooth action
  • Compact design maximising floor space
  • Overload protection
  • Easily installed
  • Low unit weight
  • Unhindered access
Tail Lift Safety Rail

Tail Lift Safety Rail

  • Longer lasting steel construction
  • Keeps employees safe from load and personnel falling
  • Meetings new onsite safety regulations and policies
  • Struts for stabilisation and lift assistance
  • Easy release locking system for quick pack up
  • Coated in safety yellow for high visibility
  • Manual foldout with hand strap assistance
Tilt Series Cantilever

Tilt Series Cantilever 500kg, 1000kg, 2000kg, 3000kg, 4000kg

  • Hydraulic automatic levelling system
  • Trolley stoppers
  • Hydraulic anti burst value
  • Oil returning pipe on each cylinder
  • Safety rail on platform (optional)
  • Safety corner lights (optional)
Tuckaway 600kg, 1200kg, 1500kg

Tuckaway 600kg, 1200kg, 1500kg

  • Platform has a flat surface design for maximised working area (no ramp)
  • Increased cylinder diameter for longer lifetime
  • 2kw motor to lift extra weight (never stuck)
  • Pendant hand control & battery isolator are standard on each unit
Zepro Slider ZS 25-155 2500KG

Zepro Slider ZS 25-155 2500KG

  • High tensile steel and powder coating offered as standard for all steel components
  • Optimised for high C measure and maximising ground clearance
  • Aluminium profiles are used for hydraulic fluid transport
    which reduces hydraulic hose use
Zepro Van Lift 600Kg

Zepro Van Lift 600Kg

  • Anticorrosion treatment of all steel parts of the tail lift,
  • including hydraulic cylinders
  • Large range of mounting brackets for feast and easy installation
  • Double acting tilt cylinders for fast operation
  • Bellow for additional cylinder protection
  • Grease free bushings and stainless steel axles keeps maintenance at a minimum
  • Safety valves on cylinders
Austlift Scissor Lift

Austlift Scissor Lift

The Austlift hydraulic scissor lift will be customised to suit individual workplace requirements that’s designed to maximise efficiency and minimise loading time. the lifts can be designed with different table sizes, lifting heights and other safety features that adheres to as AS/NZS 1418.7.

  • Made to order ONLY.
  • Capacities available from 0.5t to 50t.
  • Platform, turntable, control, safety features list available.
  • Multiple Descent protection options.
  • Designed to AS/NZS ISO 8402.
  • Conformed to AS/NZS 1418.7.
Pallet Jacks – Electric

Pallet Jacks – Electric

  • Easy to repair : open the cover to check the operating conditions of the key components, reducing mainteance time
  • Easy to disassemble: remove one nut to disassemble the tire
  • Multi-function handle: The external control system provides protection and is easy to maintain
  • Drive wheel cover: The cover the the powerful drive wheel ensures operator’s safety
  • Ergonomic large rubber handle with three control lever
    – comfortable and convenient to operate
  • 25% > WLL as to Australian Standard
Pallet Jack

Pallet Jack

  • Reliable leak-proof pump eliminating maintance and extending the time between services
  • 210 degree steering arc and small turning radius
  • Fork lowering speed is controlled by hand control and foot pedal
  • Ergonomic large rubber handle with three control lever – comfortable and convenient to operate
  • Entry and exit roller for easy access
  • Equipped with over-load value extending the time between services
  • 25% > WLL as to Australian Standard