Mobile Field Service Units

    WA Haulage Repairs – Quality, Expertise, and Efficiency Guaranteed!

    Experiencing issues with your trucks or trailers at a site? HA Haulage Repairs offer convenient mobile field services to ensure your vehicle is up and running in no time.

    Our mobile field service units have state-of-the-art tools required to diagnose the fault and repair it. The mobile units have the highest efficiency, capacity, and capability to provide your vehicle with the services it needs to get back on the road.

    Ways Mobile Field Service Units Can Help

    The high-tech mobile field units are equipped with the right tools and gear and arrive with HA Haulage Repairs’ expert mechanic.

    Our experienced staff will diagnose your vehicle to determine whether the problem can be fixed on-site or whether it would need to be towed to our shop, for repair. With our qualified mechanics and fast turnaround time, you will have your vehicle as good as new in no time.

    What Makes Us the Best Choice

    WA Haulage Repairs is Western Australia’s leading servicing, repair, and fabrication commercial haulage company. Whether it is crane repairs, spray painting, trailer repairs, side loader repairs, truck repairs, we offer:

    • First – Class Products and Services
    • Highest Quality Assurance
    • Fastest Turnaround Time 
    • Experienced and Qualified Staff
    • Industry Leading Knowledge
    • Outstanding Customer Support and Sales Advice
    • Safety and Regulatory Compliance 


    WA HAULage repairs - quality, expertise, and efficiency guaranteed!


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