Skip Loaders

    WA Haulage Repairs – Quality, Expertise, and Efficiency Guaranteed! 

    Skip loader is a small to mid sized ridged truck or trailer with hydraulic arms to load skip bins on to a vehcle to transport. These can move different size bins depending on the customers requirements .

    WA Haulage repairs can supply and maintain skip loaders of all different makes and sizes to suit the clients requirements.

    Services Offered

    WA Haulage Repairs offier a first class service on all makes and models of skip loaders, you can also avail the following services:

    • Servicing and repair
    • Fabrications
    • Hydraulic repairs
    • Electrical repairs
    • Mechanical repairs
    • Spray paint services

    WA Haulage Repairs also prides itself on the excellent service support and sales advice offered to the clients.


    WA HAULage repairs - quality, expertise, and efficiency guaranteed!


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